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Pinned  Welcome to BlackStar Alliance.

Oct 28 2013 12:14 PM | Admin in Articles

Welcome to BlackStar Alliance, a gaming community for MechWarrior Online and many others. You must register to post in our community forums.

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  • BSA has been playing MWO since 2012.
  • We play other games such as H1Z1, BattleField 4, War Thunder, and Star Citizen.
  • We are a relaxed and casual community but also take part in competitive matches.
  • You must Register on our website first BEFORE applying to become a member.
  • Teamspeak 3 is the core of our community. TS.BlackStarAlliance.com

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Civil War

Mar 19 2017 08:00 PM | Silent Monk in Articles

Big changes are coming to the game. New Mech Packs and significantly new weapons/components have potential to change gameplay significantly. Check out the link and join the discussion in our forum.

Civil War Update

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Apr 26 2015 04:42 PM | Admin in Articles

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STARTS: April 24th at 3:00 PM PDT (10:00 PM UTC)

ENDS: April 30th at 2:15 PM PDT (9:15 PM UTC)

2:15 PM PDT / 9:15 PM UTC is the deadline for starting the final qualifying Community Warfare matches.

Matches must end by 2:45 PM PDT in order to qualify.

Click here for more details:


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BlackStar Allinace merging with MercStar Alliance

Apr 13 2015 11:26 AM | FileTitan in Articles

Be sure to read the below announcement in regards to BSA migrating with -MS- for MWO


Thank You!

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BSA Star Citizen Event - Saturday 1/17 @ 2pm Ea...

Nov 07 2014 03:11 PM | DEMAX51 in Articles

Posted Image

Join us Saturday, January 17th from 2:00pm Eastern until 4:00pm Eastern for some spaceship-blasting action in Star Citizen!

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Community Warfare Map

Dec 20 2014 04:18 PM | FileTitan in Articles

Thanks to the work of our very talented web developer. We now have access to the Community Warfare API via our BSA site. You can easily search unit tags or planets and sort by preference. Feel free to share this tool with other units.

Posted Image

Direct link: http://www.blackstar...ex.php/map.html

Please let me know if you have any questions


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BSA Officially Going Inner Sphere at first in CW

Dec 08 2014 12:10 PM | DEMAX51 in Articles


With Community Warfare launching next Tuesday, we've made our decision regarding faction alignment. For at least the first month or two we will be aligning with an Inner Sphere faction. That means, for Community Warfare games, you will be limited to Inner Sphere 'Mechs ONLY (but you will still be able to play Clan 'Mechs in the Public Queue, just as you can now).

This does not mean that we will never align with a Clan Faction. After a month or two, we may switch it up and play on the other side, so it is still recommended that you acquire and level up enough Clan 'Mechs to be able to use them in CW, should we decide to go that way.

We have not yet settled on one particular House with which to align, but that decision will be made in the near future, as we are currently trying to work with a few other teams to set up an alliance. I will update you all once we've made this choice. Keep in mind, the choice of particular house has absolutely no bearing on which 'Mechs you can use in CW. We will be able to use any and all Inner Sphere 'Mechs, regardless of which House we fight for.

If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to post in this thread and I will do my best to answer them.

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BSA Sunday Event - 10/26 at 2pm Eastern

Oct 13 2014 12:20 PM | DEMAX51 in Articles

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Greetings BSAers,

It's time once again for our monthly Sunday event. The event will be held on Sunday, October 26th at 2:00pm Eastern (11:00am Pacific). We will be using an all-new format this time, somewhat similar to PGI's solo tournaments.

Personal Points Tournament:

The tournament will consist of five rounds. Each round is one game.

However many people show up for the event will be divided into an even number of teams. Teams will be generated randomly before each round of the tournament (i.e. you will have new, randomly assigned teammates each game).

Games will be played on Skirmish only.

There will be no tonnage-restrictions whatsoever. Players will be able to pilot any 'Mech they feel will give them the best chance to win.*

*Exclusion: Clan 'Mechs that are not currently available for C-bill purchase will not be allowed at all. This will include the Stormcrow, Timberwolf, Warhawk, and Maddog.

All consumables will be allowed - this includes Strikes!

Map rotation will be:

  • Game 1 - Forrest Colony
  • Game 2 - Frozen City Night
  • Game 3 - Caustic Valley
  • Game 4 - HPG Manifold
  • Game 5 - Crimson Straight

The points each player receives per round will be equal to that player's Match Score (from the end-of-round scoreboard in-game), which is calculated using this formula:

  • Win: 10 points
  • Kills: 1 point
  • Assists: 1 point
  • Component Destroyed: 1 point
  • Spotting Assist: 1 point
  • Damage: 1 point for every 10 damage
  • Team Kill: -5 points

At the end of the five rounds the points will be tallied, and the person with the highest total score will be declared the winner. Honorable mentions will be given to the Assault, Heavy, Medium, and Light pilots with the highest single-game scores as well.

A few notes:

I will not be keeping track of scores throughout the course of the event - I will tally them all after the event ends.

Anybody found to be team-killing or team-damaging in an effort to impede another player will be dealt with. Harshly. I don't expect this to be a problem, but I'll be a dick about it if I have to. Don't make me be a dick.

Feel free to post questions and feedback in this thread. Since this is the first time we're using this format, I may be open to some rules-changes if there are a large number of people in support of one, or if there is some aspect I might have overlooked.

Posted Image

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BSA Tag - Ranks and Conduct Policy Clarification

Aug 31 2014 07:12 PM | Baliel in Articles

With the addition of unit tags we wanted to clarify the “ranks” you will see in game, and a few policies.

1. Ranks: The structure is simple and fundamentally identical to teamspeak and forum positions. As the in-game structure requires an overall leader, we have placed Filetitan (for obvious reasons) in that position. The remaining ranks (in order) are: BSA Officer, Ghost Member, Midnight Member, Ghost Recruit, Midnight Recruit, and BSA Member. Privileges for all Members and Recruits is the same; only Officers can recruit, promote, or access the coffers.

2. BSA Recruits: New joins to the BSA will not be invited in game to the BSA until they have been vetted and accepted as members in the BSA. This is to prevent new joins, who may not be the right fit for our community, from dragging the BSA tag through the sewers of the MWO universe.

3. In game etiquette: Now that every member has the BSA tag besides their name, it is significantly more important that our in game etiquette is at its best. Excessively inappropriate chat and/or poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated. Examples of poor sportsmanship are: shutting down and hiding because you don’t want to get killed, repeated suicide charging the enemy team and switching out chassis to grind out MWO challenges, and AFK’ing. Inappropriate chat is a little harder to define. The bottom line on this is if you are about to get in a pissing match in-game, you are about to nerd rage on someone, or your intent is to troll someone, then don’t do it. We all get upset from time to time, you will be told you suck in game, and there are some pretty bad players out there; take the high road and don’t feed the trolls or become one.

Please direct all questions/concerns to the BSA leadership and we will happily answer them.

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BSA Sunday Event - 8/24 @ 2:00pm EST

Aug 20 2014 09:51 AM | DEMAX51 in Articles


Signups are now open. Please post here to sign up.

Fellow BSAers,

It's time for our next Sunday Event! The event will be held on Sunday, August 24th at 2:00pm Eastern (11:00am Pacific). I apologize for the short notice, but hopefully we'll be able to get a decent number of people online.

We're going to be shaking things up even more this time, with an all-new event type suggested by Baliel. For full details, please check out this forum thread.

Details at a glance:
- 4v4 matches, with teams generated randomly.
- No team tonnage restrictions, but each team MUST have 1 Light, 1 Medium, 1 Heavy, and 1 Assault
- Double Elimination bracket, but matches will only be one single game instead of a "best of" set
- All matches played in Skirmish mode, on HPG Manifold
- Last Team Standing game type
- The matches will consist of a series of 1v1 duels
- Every duel will be fought in the "basement" of HPG Manifold
- Each team will choose one of their combatants to engage in a 1v1 in the "basement" of HPG manifold.
- When one of the two 'Mechs is killed, the winner of the duel remains in the HPG basement to take on the next challenger.
- The team who lost the previous duel will send another 'Mech into the HPG basement to face off against the winner of the previous duel.
- This process will be repeated until one team is completely wiped out!
- Teams can send in their combatants in any order! This may result in a Light taking on an Assault, for instance, and you DO NOT need to declare to the other team which of your 'Mechs you'll be sending in!

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